www.sozcu.com.tr Website and Administration Panel

www.sozcu.com.tr is among the 20 most popular websites in Turkey. It is a popular news website that its maintenance and development project was outsourced to PATH. The main website has been built and developed over Wordpress content management system. A number of custom Wordpress plugins have been developed to fulfill the special requirements of managing a news website. A special plugin was developed for sorting articles and fixing advertisements on the finance page of the website. A special plugin was developed for manual cropping of images based on a predefined aspect ratio before they can be added to the articles by editors. A special plugin was developed for planning and managing advertisements displayed on the homepage of the website. The advertisements are displayed on the website based on their pre-planned start and end date and times and also the device (mobile or desktop), position, and order specified for them. Also, other features were added to the website or the existing ones were improved. Also, the subscription website and its payment method was improved.