Electronic Organization Management System

“Electronic Organization” is an Enterprise which can entirely develop over the web. It markets, finds clients and customers, sells goods, and organizes and serves its customers and clients over the web. It finds and organizes its partners, collaborators, and employees over the web. It finds investors and entrepreneurs for innovation and development, and organizes them over the web. Electronic Organization is able to organize and manage all of its Resources and Relations over the web.


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“TPS Electronic Organization Management System (TPS EOMS)” is a web based software system which enables and realizes an Electronic Organization to become into existence and works. Electronic Organization Management System provides functionalities for defining or creating various types of entities, user profiles, user visibility policies, notifications, relations, and user contents, and also for integrated management of all media across the organization. So, an Electronic Organization Management System enables an enterprise to entirely develop over the web.

“Electronic Organization Management System” enables Integrated Management of the following resources and relations in an organization:

  1. Multi-Language Multi-Class Field-based User Profiles including Clients (Customers), Partners, Collaborators (Employees), Investors, Entrepreneurs, Independent Users, and Vendors
  2. Communications including Message Threads, Ticket Threads, Requests, Orders, and Contracts
  3. E-Commerce Entities and Processes including Products, Services, Subscription Levels, Shopping Cart, Invoices, Expenses, Subscriptions, and Payment Methods
  4. Media in Various Scopes, Downloadables, Playables, Viewables, and Libraries
  5. User Visibility Policies that determine which users could see each other and communicate with each other
  6. Mailing Lists and Newsletters
  7. Event Driven Fully Customizable Notifications which are automatically sent when the status of a user content changes
  8. Categorizations, Relations, Events
  9. User Groups
  10. Forms and Records
  11. Tasks and Workflows

“TPS Electronic Organization Management Solution” has been being developed over a custom, stand-alone, powerful, and extensible Software Framework namely “TPS Software Framework”.

Electronic Organization