AdimAdim CRM System

It is a type of CRM system which enables managing customers, call requests and dialogs, subscription based (continuous) orders and marketing campaigns based on complex business logics and web content. It was mainly developed for a specialized trading company based in Istanbul, Turkey that designs, organizes, and sells baby training sets for different baby ages ranging from 9 to 48 months old. These training sets were being sent month-by-month to the subscribed customers who either had paid for the products one-time in the past or paid every month. However, this system can be adapted to be used by any company which sells and sends some products to its subscribed customers according to a subscription-based business model.

The system was developed based on Phalcon Framework and MySQL database system with the purpose of ensuring high performance and scalability for a very large amount of data and interactions. More than 350,000 customers' data including their orders, dialogs, addresses, and children's data have been imported into the system, and the performance and speed of the system is very good in processing such a big amount of data. The imported data are real data migrated from the old system of the company to this new CRM system using some complex data migration processes.

The system allows adding various types of campaigns to subscription-based orders according to the current conditions and state of customers and the subscription package selected by them. These campaigns can cause discounts to the final price of the order items or the whole order, and they might cause some products to be added to that order as a present. The final price of the order, and the added presents are automatically computed by the system based on the rules of the valid campaigns which have been added to that order. The rules of various types of campaigns can be managed and updated.

The system is integrated with various payment gateways including the payment gateways provided by popular Turkish banks. Four types of payments are supported by the system: Artificial POS (Credit/Debit Card), Physical POS, Bank Transfer, Cash. Also, the information and result of transactions are stored in the system.

The system is integrated with an accounting system (i.e., Mikro) to automatically send customers, orders, and payments data to that accounting system, and then receive the orders' invoice and e-sign ID from the accounting system to be stored in this CRM system. The data can be sent or received either one-by-one to/from the accounting system directly on the system panel or as a batch of data according to their dates by some Cron job processes which can be set up and scheduled in the server.

The system is integrated with the systems of some postal companies to automatically send orders' data to the system of postal companies and get the statuses of the posted packages and update them into the system.

The system is integrated with a mailing and SMS planning / sending system to automatically send the required notifications or marketing mails or messages to customers based on the statuses or segments of those customers and their orders.

The system is integrated with a VOIP system for calling the customers on the system panel and getting the result of calling them from the VOIP system, and automatically store those call results into the system. If customers open their phone, the agents can add the result of talking with the customer to the automatically created dialogs. All dialogs with customers are organized in call requests which are specified by customer, call subject, and related product, and then these call requests can be assigned to the agent users of the system to start calling them. The possible call subjects and call results can be added and updated in the configuration section of the system.

The customers are automatically segmented by some pre-defined customer segmentation tags. These customer segmentation tags can be used to quickly find and categorize the target customers for marketing and processing purposes to more effectively and efficiently decide about contacting customers to sell more to them or increase their satisfaction or loyalty or improve the performance of business processes.

Several Cron job functions have been implemented in the system for running some scheduled inter-system or internal processes, such as sending the orders and customers data to the accounting system, cargo system, mailing/SMS systems, and internal customer segmentation processes. So, Cron job processes can be set up and scheduled in the server for data interaction with the postal services, mailing and messaging services, automatic payment services, and accounting system.

Various types of dashboard charts and diagrams have been implemented in the system that display and visualize the system's mass data in some special ways.

Since the prices of products can be changed over the time, all the prices which are set for each product at any time are stored in the system for historical reviews and computations.

Various types of goals can be set in the system including their dates that will be used for evaluating the performance of workers, departments, and the whole business in different time periods. Based on these quantified goals, the performance of each seller agent and their corresponding reward are computed.










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