Adim Adim API and Administration Panel

An OAuth2 based REST API was developed using Phalcon Framework. Also, based on the developed API Services, a special jQuery-HTML-CSS-based client application was developed as a new Administration Panel. So, the client-server interaction has been fully implemented by AJAX technology. So, the data presentation parts of all the client pages are fully generated dynamically using the functionalities of jQuery library. This client application is fully modular. All its codes are firstly classified into three directories: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The HTML directory is also divided into two directories: Header and Body. Then there is a special HTML, CSS, and JavaScript file for each module of the system in each of these directories. So, each module or page of the client application such as "Subscriptions List", "Orders List", and "Customers List" has its own special HTML header, HTML body, CSS style, and JavaScript file.